LG Optimus 3D P920

LG Optimus 3D P920 Smartphone
Android 2.2
Screen:4.3" 480x800px
GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Processor:ARM Cortex-A9, 1000 Mhz, 2xcore
USB / WI-FI / Bluetooth / GPS: +/+/+/+
Ramzmery:68x128x12 mm
Opening hours of standby time:0:00 hours:minute
Opening hours of talk time:0 hours
Weight 168 gram

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Gabriel Knight Sins of FathersGabriel Knight Sins of Fathers - a remake of the old school adventure re-design in 1993. Improved graphics up to modern standards and upheld the original storyline makes this game one of the best gifts for fans of the original version and all lovers of exciting adventures.
Heroes of Order & ChaosHeroes of Order Chaos - a new game in the genre of «MOBA» from not without well-known company Gameloft, who decided not to come up with a sensible story and to prescribe the universe. And create another clone, as two drops of water like all other similar projects. This creation will approach only the most ardent fans, or those who for the first time holding a mobile device.
Angelo Rules - The gameAngelo Rules - The game - a game based on the popular animated series is quite "Prankish Angelo." The protagonist - a 11-year-old boy has amazing talent - to perform various tricks of scale "victims" that are around him, children and adults, and to avoid punishment by parents, coming out of the water dry.
Zen Koi - Breed & Collect FishZen Koi - Breed Collect Fish - the original meditative game in which the gamer will need to be reincarnated in a very beautiful fish and do a variety of things very uncharacteristic for their species. Beautiful graphics, melodic soundtrack and very calm gameplay will delight all fans of unusual and leisurely projects.
Cliffy JumpCliffy Jump - unusual game in the genre of action made ​​with pixel graphics and management in a single tap. The main task of the players - just count the time of the jump. The first - the lungs of the mission will end quickly and you will be required maximum concentration and precision action. Otherwise you will have to start the level over again, and it is quite cumbersome.
Epic Party Clicker - The GameEpic Party Clicker - The Game - yet another simulator tapas, this time emitting a full-blown party at your home. Fall into a rhythm and you look into the guests even more guests. Buy a variety of improvements to increase the flow of guest. Nice graphics, a little complexity; the process is happening a little crazy waiting for you this evening.
Stuntman StuartStuntman Stuart - black humor to make or the arthouse film with pixel graphics? What is it? It is definitely something special, though, and looks like a normal pixel art arcade. Easy control, brutal, blood, guts, meat and cut off the head, stunning soundtrack and original approach to the gameplay - all this and you have to enjoy while you fly down.
Warhammer 40,000: Space WolfWarhammer 40,000 universe needs no introduction, even those who have never played a game not in this series. To the delight of fans of the brutal world of the Space Marines for some time now storming the mobile platform with varying degrees of success in this field. And Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf aims to show that this time the legions came to us for a long time.
Galaxy War FighterGalaxy War Fighter - an exciting arcade game about the battle in space, fast and maneuverable fighters. Beautiful graphics, good quality backs, a variety of missions, the ability to buy new ships and upgrade old ones, challenging opponents and a lot more inherent in such topics will love all fans of futuristic duels.
First StrikeFirst Strike - «merry" very "merry" global strategy that will show us how easily and quickly a huge planet, inhabited by a bunch of humane-minded people, can turn into a radioactive desert only by the fact that someone wants to be the most important in this world. This version is a free demo, designed to demonstrate all the charm of the game.