Samsung Galaxy W I8150

Samsung Galaxy W I8150 Smartphone
Android 2.3
Screen:3.7" 480x800 px
GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Processor:1400 Mhz
USB / WI-FI / Bluetooth / GPS: +/+/+/+
Ramzmery:58.8x115.6x10.9 mm
Opening hours of standby time:0:00 hours:minute
Opening hours of talk time:0 hours
Weight 109 gram

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Soldiers Rambo 2 - Forest WarSoldiers Rambo 2 - Forest War - olskulny hardcore 2D shooter in which we habitually zaymёmsya extermination of another soldier in an unknown evil dictator banana republic. The main character will have to cope alone with all the problems arising on the way to his goal. Constant moving and shooting in all directions to help avoid failure.
Clicker PiratesClicker Pirates - straight from the tin simulator tapa, which tell us about the hardships of professional sailor living in a fantasy universe. Here, even in the most recent pool hobnob hideous monster who considers himself bound to a huge sea monster devouring everything that moves on the surface of the water, whether it be a log or a pirate ship with crew on board the thugs.
Alto's AdventureAlto's Adventure - a new game from Noodlecake and her without words can be attributed to these masterpieces. This is a rare and truly memorable project that is delayed for a long time both on mobile devices and in the memory of gamers. Superb graphics and charming atmosphere of the unfolding events creates a sense of presence in a fairy tale.
Punch ClubPunch Club - an extremely rare instance of really original and interesting games among the heap of similar projects established to Donato. Here, every detail can be traced quality work of developers and love to the child. Properly seasoned narrative style, scrupulous design locations and more will not allow to break away from the process for a second.
Moy Zoo 2Moy Zoo 2 - casual games for the little ones. Nevertheless, it will be interesting for gamers and adults who want to simply relax with a good gameplay and cute toy that does not require any extra movements. Minimalistic design and good graphics without overly bright colors do not cause irritation and allow for an evening pass it completely.
Blacksmith LabBlacksmith Lab - really interesting tapas simulator in which we do not carry out genocide monsters in another fantasy universe forever stuck in the Middle Ages, and zaymёmsya economic development forges made ​​in a very minimalist design. Originality and share humor bring something new to the boring monotony of the genre.
LONEWOLF (18+) Despite the fact that you can easily find and more violent games to demonstrate the sight of blood, murder and other prohibited for young gamers, LoneWolf also attended labeled 18+, which means the project is not intended for children. But the protective designation only attracted even more minors to the screens of their mobile devices.
Survival Rusty IslandsSurvival Rusty Islands - an adventure game where the gameplay is built on the ideas do not cease to be popular. Available version of the project is now still very raw and suffers many shortcomings, technical problems and serious deficiencies. But let us hope that the support and development of the developers did not give up and will soon appear in front of our eyes a quality product.
Ninja: Legendary WarriorsNinja: Legendary Warriors - collectible card game with elements of Asian RPG (no one forgot to introduce a fantastic variety of unnecessary windows and tabs) formed in the universe of Naruto. And fans would rejoice and be happy to fans of the genre, it's just all the same blueprint with hundreds of other similar projects.
DOFUS PogoDOFUS Pogo - a new game from the creators of Tactile Wars, visually very beautiful, but empty and boring strategy. At this time in front of us based on the arcade game of the same name mega popular MMORPG. In her universe release movies, graphic novels, toys, figurines and all the other range of products gives rise to large franchises to delight their fans.