Samsung Galaxy W I8150

Samsung Galaxy W I8150 Smartphone
Android 2.3
Screen:3.7" 480x800 px
GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Processor:1400 Mhz
USB / WI-FI / Bluetooth / GPS: +/+/+/+
Ramzmery:58.8x115.6x10.9 mm
Opening hours of standby time:0:00 hours:minute
Opening hours of talk time:0 hours
Weight 109 gram

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ToysburgToysburg - exciting adventure project about the city or about the magic of toys the child makes them. Beautiful and bright graphics, a huge range of gameplay options, dozens of missions, extensive location, good plot and subtext like general education for all adults and children, without exception.
Little BanditsLittle Bandits - a new game, with combined genres of famous Kongregate. This time we go into the world of the Wild West-adjusted kids rating. But there is everything in life - cowboys, saloons, the desert, the Indians, the criminals, bounty hunters and more. In general, a real paradise for fans of this subject, where the fun and exciting.
Quantum CatsQuantum Cats - straight from the tin clone cult of evil birds, but cats in the title role. Nice graphics, the now classic gameplay, boxes full of cute kittens will please all who are tired of the bright and pompous birds. While the project has small number of missions, but let's hope for a speedy development of the game, both qualitatively and sizes.
BLOCKQUESTBLOCKQUEST - excellent Cubo-pixel adventure game made ​​by the precepts and canons of the old school geymdeyva. The dangers, traps, monsters, gold, jewelry and other loot from noble materials, as well as secrets, secret locations and other minor aspects for which we love so much old school offers all the brave and fearless heroes.
SkeletombSkeletomb - elegant and exciting adventure in the pixel universe. The mechanics of the gameplay reminds Crossy Road, but has a much, much greater opportunities, potential and a variety of aspects that are just designed not to get bored gamers. Go to the most dangerous journey through the lands of obtaining such icky name.
HERO-XHERO-X - classic platformer created precisely in the direction of a graphic style to that of any adult gamer once an association with old school. The characteristic voice just adds the right impression of exciting gameplay. A variety of gaming experience will not get bored any superhero fans.
The Flying Sun Adventure GameThe Flying Sun Adventure Game - unusual arcade game in which you will again have to return to the place of the sun. Stylish graphic design redeems all unpretentious gameplay ideas. A simple operation will easily spend your free time, and along with fun entertainment. Save homeworld and revive dormant planet.
Paper Monsters RecutPaper Monsters Recut - free trial version of one of the most stunning platformer for mobile devices. Excellent cartoon graphics, 'epic' story, original paper design levels and characters, as well as a fascinating classic gameplay will appeal to all fans of high-quality games.
DragonSoulDragonSoul - standard RPG for our era of games for mobile devices. The mechanics of the gameplay completely changed in comparison with other similar projects. So it was left to a huge number of specific windows or tabs. But quite original menu was invented and created backdrops for quality locations.
To The LandTo The Land - The draft statement in the genre of action, but there is a clear view and pure arcade survival. The game does not take away the beautiful graphics, nice sound and interesting gameplay. And the characters for all its simplicity looks very pretty and cute. Help them reach the shore alive and healthy, but also a rich, because they were transporting gold.