Samsung GT i5500

Samsung GT i5500 Smartphone
Android 2.1
Screen:2.8" 240x320px
GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Processor: Qualcomm MSM7227, 600Mhz
USB / WI-FI / Bluetooth / GPS: +/+/+/+
Ramzmery:56x108x12 mm
Opening hours of standby time:520:00 hours:minute
Opening hours of talk time:9 hours
Weight 101 gram

In this section you can download Board Games for the android. Any android game can be incorporated into several sections. In the Table, as well as throughout the site, you can play all the android free.

 Little Alchemist Little Alchemist - classic card game made ​​in the children's style, but it certainly will appeal to fans of this genre of all ages. Cartoon panache, humor, exciting battles, lots of enemies, immortal gameplay mechanics and unique types of cards will keep you in the dangerous world of alchemy and witchcraft. After all, you have to save his hometown from the evil forces.
 Tekken Card Tournament "Well, now I've seen everything" - may exclaim some gamers saw Tekken Card Tournament. The game has classic card system set up at the world famous and popular faytingovoy universe "Iron Fist". All the familiar characters made in 3D-graphics, and fights in steps require deliberate tactic, not a fast of pressing keys.
 Magic 2014 Magic 2014 - the game transports the universe board Cards Magic: The Gathering on your mobile device screens (there is a version for the PC). It is a place full of magic, charms and amazing events, and you - one of the many planeswalker-s, powerful mages one of the five elements, which can move between worlds.
 Deck Heroes Collect the most powerful cards in the Deck Heroes and fight the forces of evil. Great characters and cunning wizards will come to your aid. Excellent graphics and hundreds of different characters in 4 fractions. Exciting PvP battles with players around the world. Dozens of levels the main story of the company and other game modes await you.
 DirtyDices DirtyDices - non-standard role-playing game simulating the classic board game where everything is determined by roll of the dice. Wonderful hand-drawn graphics, addictive gameplay, familiar setting journey lone hero and all, in a surprisingly fresh design. So not the usual project - a rarity and unexpected discovery for all languishing at a truly worthwhile games.
 Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft It's no secret that the popularity of games for the Android platform is growing every day, and even the biggest developers have earned a name for itself on creating iconic projects for PC today was not averse to please owners of mobile devices. And Blizzard released its new game on Warcraft, literally on all gaming platforms, is not spared and we are with you.
 Scrolls Before you universe in which oddly dark ages with their wars of savages, brave knights, magic and her eccentric creators, demons, necromancers, wild beasts and a little steampunk. There are constant battle for gold and reputation. It is the world Scrolls - card game created by famous studio Mojang.
 Arcane Quest 2 Arcane Quest 2 is designed in the spirit of classic board D D games. Embark on an exciting adventure in the company of famous heroes and inveterate villains. Without a doubt share rush into battle against the most dangerous enemies, and with the same passion bowel their chests. Become a legend and create your own guild wars.
 Cards and Castles

Cards and Castles - this is an unusual mix of genre, consisting of the best elements of the strategy and card games. Start by creating a deck of cards to meet the enemy face to face on the battlefield and destroy his castle. Mix and match cards from different factions and develop new strategies.

 Hero Academy

Hero Academy - combine characters into teams and spend a friendly battle between them. You can challenge your friends in battles or to find new friends. Every team needs a captain. Strategically distribute the strength of his team and evaluate weaknesses of the enemy. The only way you can win a landslide victory.