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Hopeless 3: Dark Hollow EarthHopeless 3: Dark Hollow Earth - a continuation of the class and the popular indie project with beautiful graphics, fun gameplay and a fairly high complexity. In the third part, we will continue to travel through the dark and gloomy places, inhabited by dozens or even hundreds of different monsters. Accurate and fast shooting - the key to mission success.
High RisersHigh Risers - a new addictive and time devouring arcade game from the creators of such visually simple but incredibly spanning games like Bean Dreams, Time Surfer, Duet and others. As before, we are waiting for control in one tap, designed for attentiveness and speed of decision-making gameplay and a pretty picture.
iRIUMiRIUM - music game hides in itself is not quite standard gameplay mechanics for the genre. Before us is a wild mix combines the same shooter, RPG, trading card nastolki and all this seasoned corporate identity graphics inherent only to developers from Asian countries.
Skate PaperboySkate Paperboy - a remake of the cult-classic arcade rethinking has become a favorite pastime of several generations of gamers. Periodically since that time there are clones of various quality and originality. Here and this time we attempt to replicate the incredible success of the adventure newsboy.
Hill Climb Racing 2Hill Climb Racing 2 - continuation of the extremely popular racing game from Fingersoft. In the second part we are waiting for the perfect redesigned graphics, new features, a variety of models of technology and the first control mechanics. The gas pedal is responsible for the acceleration and inclination to the right, brake - respectively the opposite action.
The TrailThe Trail - gorgeous adventure game from Kongregate - the creators of the many interesting and original projects. But this time the developers outdid themselves and provided in our court really great game. Beautiful graphics, which affects the demands to the "hardware" and addictive gameplay await all adventurers.
BeeFense - Fortress DefenseBeeFense - Fortress Defense - strategy in the style of "The protection of towers". It is very please fans of the genre, even those who are already tired of the sameness and identity projects in this vein. Apart from the beautiful graphics, a large number of levels in the game has an interesting performance of the ideas conceived and extremely addictive gameplay.
Drop TaleDrop Tale - excellent puzzle game with beautiful graphics, very nice and changing the main character, many levels and interesting gameplay mechanics, and many other features that make this game the mandatory to educate anyone interested in unusual applications.
Randals MondayRandals Monday - port to mobile devices adventure games Point Click gameplay mechanics. We are waiting for hilarious storyline, the original protagonist (the word "hero" is only a figure of speech, not a description of the characteristics and qualities of that person), charismatic characters, tons of humor, references and "easter eggs", as well as the huge variability of action.
Fallen LondonFallen London - fascinating browser game porting to mobile devices. While there are still flaws and shortcomings, but we hope that they will soon be completely eliminated. After the text before us an excellent RPG with an original idea and execution, where everyone who dares, waiting for an incredible opportunity and exciting adventures.

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