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Clash of Zombie: Dead FightClash of Zombie: Dead Fight - zombie shooter with a camera located above the head of the protagonist. The game is a zaboristye rubilovo where you can not stop and rest immediately nabegut cadavers and skharchat character for a sweet soul. It is necessary to move and always have two ways out of the room to escape to the complete environment in a dangerous situation.
Zombie ForestZombie Forest - addictive 2D strategy is all about the same zombiapokalipsis, but this time the players will be interesting, difficult and sometimes bitter to lose incredible proven fighters naporovshis an ambush marauders or horde cadavers. Build a shelter alone, invite other survivors and together repel attacks of the enemy.
Last Hope - Zombie Sniper 3DLast Hope - Zombie Sniper 3D - shooter, shooting in the setting zombiapokalipsisa. The project is for those gamers who are very much doing nothing and they just die of boredom interspersed with gloom. The game will be able to entertain them and to bring at least some joy or deeper plunge them into hopeless greyness, from which there is no way back.
Apocalypse MaxApocalypse Max - the nickname given the protagonist himself. He is the last survivor on the planet after a very quick zombiapokalipsisa. it was still a good night, and people were happy, and in the morning already happening around nightmare. By dark there were only one, and the next day to the top of Apocalypse Max was alone.
Tap Robo Though assembly-line production "simulators tapa" in recent years and slowed down becoming a switch to a mix of genres and style, but the establishment did not stop and play with continuous zaklikivanie enemies continue to appear in updates Tap Robo -. One of the representatives of the old cohort with which gamers will again train your fingers.
Zombie Overkill 3DZombie Overkill 3D - third-person shooter and an isometric camera, which by the way, is pretty uncomfortable. It is necessary to approach the enemy is very close to see it firsthand, and taking into account the rule that you can not kill the invisible - does this fact really a problem. Welcome to sample zombiapokalipsis 2150.
The End of the WorldThe End of the World - an excellent adventure game with a deep philosophical and vital underlying reason in the story and elegant graphic style. Original gameplay mechanic allows you to "peek" into the past, constantly changing environment, a properly selected soundtrack and poignant story will be delayed for a long time in the memory of everyone who has looked at the end of the world.
VOXPLODE 2VOXPLODE 2 - can be called a real almanac starts end of the world and confront the brave individuals seeking to stop the advance of this phenomenon on the planet. Voxel graphics allows you to create and to show us a variety of worlds without any major costs, and addictive gameplay just further please fans.
Ninja Madness In times when the ninja were still common, though rare, and demons relentlessly terrorized people and develop story great game Ninja Madness. It will be one of the most severe test for our nerves and our hands will require incredible precision, speed and accuracy of action. The slightest mistake will be restart.
Zombie CorpsZombie Corps - an action that can be true fans like the look zombirubilova. The world has undergone major changes - a lightning epidemic unknown virus has turned most of the population into the walking dead. The only problem is not even that, but the fact that they have not lost my mind. And soon disciplined army pulled into the fray.

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