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EcoDriverEcoDriver - racing arcade, which the creators know exactly how to diversify stale genre, breathing in his simple but very original idea and chips. Cute graphics and simple controls with one finger only added to the positive experience of the infinite randomly generated gameplay.
Flash's BountyFlash's Bounty - a mixed strategy of RPG, which will primarily be of interest to gamers older, finds the very old-school projects one of them has a word in the title of "heroes." Cute graphics, a choice between the plot and endless mode, as well as the classic gameplay will delight both "old-timers" and the younger generation.
Paddle Panda The protagonist of the game Paddle Panda really has got everything. He was fed up with work, colleagues, boss, every day to get there and back, the environment, the weather, in general, all people, and the planet, too tired. Even vacation nothing could change - heat, annoying neighbors, insects, natives also cause terrible depression and melancholy.
Bar in RussiaBar in Russia - funny runner with vertical scrolling in which the protagonist is going to arrange epic alkootryv in one of the pubs of the country. The name that can be easily guessed by the presence of bears in the bar with an accordion and a Soviet soldier's helmet on the head of a character. It will be a long night, though it will not be able to remember.
 Dubai Offroad Dubai Offroad - very unassuming arcade racing with endless gameplay. Events will develop in the vast United Arab Emirates, on the background of Dubai is seen weekdays. And we play for one of the sheikhs, which is naturally very rich, and how any such man, he decided to stand out among the same as he did.
 Mummy Runner Mummy Runner - arcade, heartbreaking events that develops somewhere in Egypt. Archaeologists dug-Satanists another tomb found there, among other things, the mummy of strange creatures, it reminds Bun feet. Less than 5 minutes after disturbed sleep bandaged ball as he opened his eyes and began to chase intruders.
 Hellrider Hellrider - very beautiful endless runner in which the player will be reincarnated as this messenger of hell. Simple, but very bad-looking graphics without distracting soundtrack and interesting game mechanics certainly will appeal to all lovers of the genre and gamers who love unusual designs.
 The 7D Mine Train The 7D Mine Train - This is a hilarious Rahner about the world famous seven dwarfs. Gameplay will tell you about the hard everyday life of the main characters before they encountered Snow White. Beautiful graphics and a great voice of the Disney company turns the familiar genre into a real adventure. Help the good-natured character in the daily rate for diamond mining.
 Choppy Fish Choppy Fish - endless runner survival. Get ready for a serious test, because here at every meter you will wait deadly danger. Only depend on your responses, the protagonist will survive or not. The presence of beautiful 3D graphics, addictive gameplay, non-stop action and the possibility of choosing between different characters will appeal to all fans of the genre.
 Daddy Was A Thief
Pink slip radically changed the life of the protagonist. The need to provide for his family pushes him to the criminal path. Memorize "Robbery for Dummies" he raided the largest bank. Inexperience, lack of experience and a new alarm system quickly determined the nature of what is happening. And now dad lam.

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