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Kameha BattleKameha Battle - contour 2D action-fighting game with a bit of a strange and complex control of the match. A simple graph refers to the world of retro games that fans will enjoy the spirit of antiquity. By controlling your character, we have to fight with an army of monsters in the final to win the main villain. The authenticity of the story just rolls over.
 EA SPORTS ™ UFC EA SPORTS ™ UFC - fighting, or even sports simulator, as the choice of opponent here and fight the matter does not end there. There are over 70 real and recognizable athletes, excellent cinematic graphics, excellent animation fighters, comfortable camera, numerous strikes, receptions, full career and PvP battles.
 WWE Immortals WWE Immortals - new fighting game from the company Warner Bros. release a whole series of games based on movies and comic books. In creating a new project, whose name translates as "wrestling super heroes" participated studio NetherRealm, known for his work on Injustice: Gods Among Us, this explains the similar game mechanics.

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