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Snipers vs ThievesSnipers vs Thieves - it is only a beta version of the original action in which players will be divided into two teams. Thieves and sniper. One should be able to walk away after a successful bank robbery to the police arrival, and entrenched in a comfortable position with the rifle must prevent it shot down a target or delaying long enough.
Where Shadows Slumber DemoWhere Shadows Slumber Demo - as the name suggests to us is that the only test, trial version is very interesting, original and unusual puzzle. On the mechanics of gameplay where the main tool will be the light and gives birth to them from different shadows objects. Only fully immersed in this game it will be possible to understand its meaning.
Life Simulator 2016Life Simulator 2016 - visually simple, but at the same time extremely original simulator in which we will live simply. Start to be from the bottom and gradually achieving a good position in society, and reliable foundation for the peaceful old age. Minimalist interface, hardcore component will delight all fans of unusual projects.
Kidu TrialsKidu Trials - a fascinating runner saturated colors low-polygon graphics, nice soundtrack and original gameplay mechanics that uses the accelerometer. This course allows you to convert 2D into a kind of 3D that makes the game really interesting and memorable, be sure to please fans of high-quality entertainment.
AncestorAncestor - original, unusual, stylish, beautiful (in spite of a simple graphics), does not bother, very interesting and rather complex arcade, which simply have to be on every mobile device. Go to the study of the beautiful, but incredibly dangerous worlds and try to unravel their mysteries and secrets.
There You GoThere You Go - simply gorgeous hardcore puzzle game that is very dry brains to all who relaxed splitting last "quests" in quotation marks, as nuts. Simple blissfully original graphics and its use, dozens of puzzles and locations please all who miss the really interesting projects.
Tower TroopersTower Troopers - the original, truly original puzzle represents the classic style of "three in a row" in a completely different form and submission of key players. Well, nice graphics and a lot of levels with gradually increasing complexity are added only positive impressions from the gameplay. The truth is a little vague spoils management, but this is just nitpicking.
Will HeroWill Hero - elegant arcade with a simple but beautiful graphics and unusual gameplay mechanics and a great variability of what is happening. Princess was in trouble - it kidnapped the leader of the orcs. Hefty such bull Green-cubic form. Well, in general, that, like all the inhabitants of this angular universe. But our hero is not afraid of danger and rushed to the rescue.
Fold the WorldFold the World - really incredibly smart puzzle from CrazyLabs with colorful graphics, interesting plot and fun gameplay. Playing like adults and children, especially them, because there are all good features and good stories. Heroes, villains, curses, traveling in search of answers and of course, a happy ending.
I am a brave knightI am a brave knight - unusual casual toy from BulkyPix. The developers decided to try his hand at a different genre, and they got it. Fans accustomed to dynamic, beautiful and exciting arcade game from the studio is immediately clear that this project is something completely different. Forced to think about their lives and how we spend it.

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