Bloody Mary Ghost Adventure HD v.1.4


Bloody Mary Ghost Adventure HD - you end up in an abandoned mansion with ghosts, solve all the puzzles and get out of the hotel. Game really scary and not recommended for children by the developer. This is a great horror quest. It is not recommended to play weak minded people, as well as children. Bloody Mary's up to you to choose the story, and the ending of the game. You will find stunning graphics and dynamic events in real time. For example, if you play during the day or night, all that happens is reflected in the game (the game reacts to the time shown on the clock of your device)

Uncover all the secrets in a mysterious house where you will find a bloody ghost Merry.
Here are all 4 chapters
You will explore the house full of secrets and terrors. With a flashlight you can find hidden in the dark stuff and tips. Beware the ghost of bloody Merry.

Bloody Mary Ghost Adventure HD - make you tremble with fear from the first minute and will keep you in suspense until the last second, until you solve all the mysteries that are stored in an old house, but then you would not be able to calm my nerves and calm sleep at night . You will plunge into a mystical and really scary story, which is full of ghosts, mysterious events and killings.
The game received a quality crafted plot, which is complemented by a complex mix of quest and horror. Be prepared before you start the game, because around every corner and the door you will be expected risk and frantic fear. Developers are fundamentally suitable for graphics and drawing all the locations in the game, so you can see a really high-quality image, which has the most detailed drawing, where each element has a clear edge and shape.
In addition, you can see a good animation and even effects that are intended to make your blood freeze in my veins. The gloomy atmosphere of the game is achieved by careful design, but the lion's share of fear delivers music and sound design.
During the game, you will constantly hear strange voices, frightening and disturbing sounds and much more, so it is strongly suggested to play with headphones and a maximum sound, but be careful - at the expense of the game becomes a very scary and stressful.
Gameplay Bloody Mary Ghost Adventure HD in the classical style, includes a solution to various logical brainteasers, find and use items, but most importantly how you can dig deeper into the plot of the game to bring maximum pleasure. However, if you are not good in English, the game, which already has a high level of difficulty, this will be your secret, because many otgadki be found lurking in the notes and hear the sound.
Another interesting feature is the interactivity of the gameplay, for example, depending on the actual time of day you will see day or night, and depending on your actions and decisions will shape the story in a certain way.

Version: 1.4

Russian Version: 1.2.1

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  • Posted by: игра не для слабонер (guest), 2013-01-05 17:35:06
    люди! лучше не играйте если хотите чтобы ваша нервная система осталась в порядке! прошу!!!! мне 16 лет! ну очень страшно.

  • Posted by: машуля (guest), 2013-01-14 23:17:14
    Игра супер,но очень огромный минус,что версия не полная.:-(ИЗДЕВАЮТСЯ!!!!Я столько сайтов облазила,чтоб найти ее полную и русскую и все напрасно!!!!

  • Posted by: машуля (guest), 2013-01-14 23:20:40
    Если кто нибудь знает где есть полная, русская версия скиньте сылку.

  • Posted by: Имьбирька (guest), 2013-04-17 16:21:15
    мне 13 и нифига не страшно так что смело качайте :3

  • Posted by: ы (guest), 2013-07-06 15:18:42

  • Posted by: lazar-wills (guest), 2013-07-12 23:09:17
    ludi a shto delat na pervom urovne

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