Bungee Mummy

Be tightly wrapped in bandages not a pleasant feeling, but there are significant advantages. For example, our gingerbread man learned to use them as Spider-Man web and now in the company of cheerful bat very quickly moves through the corridors of the labyrinth where every inch stuffed with a variety of traps and secrets.
The whole gameplay Bungee Mummy built on physics and mechanics of bodies, with their help, and have to overcome numerous puzzles and solve problems. And to do so will have to fast, fragile body requires periodic replenishment of the sources of life (corny, ticking stopwatch, counting the time allotted for the passage level :)) Along the way, you must collect a very valuable scarabs, which will be something to spend.
Interesting gameplay and an original character like many fans of good games.

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  • Posted by: iliana kotakova (guest), 2015-05-18 14:50:42
    tova ne mi haresva

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