Halliween Nightmare

The protagonist wakes up from a thunder in bed in the middle of the destroyed almost to the base of the building. At the head of the emptiness and the absolute lack of understanding of what is happening. Who is he? How to get here? And what to do next? For a second time to notice the fleeing man and for lack of a better sent after him.
Prepare to die ingloriously and often, well, that checkpoints are scattered liberally, but it would be quite a problem. Falling chandelier falls, spikes all form factors, traps, giant spiders and even sbrendivshy Cupid with a thirst for lard you arrows.
Along the way, have to solve simple, but multistage puzzles and seek circuitous road, it's not always a clear path is safe. A dismal music and sounds on your nerves, coupled with a grim picture nice to create an aura of despair.

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