Dungeon Link

The game begins during the final of one story and the beginning of another. Canterbury world trying to capture Demon King. Brave hero teamed up with one of the brood of the main villain, which has its own reasons to fight against his former boss, finally reached his goal and gave battle to the monster. But high self-esteem summed warrior and has ruined the whole enterprise. Now the saviors of the world community will have to find a new candidate for the role of messiah and eliminate the threat.
Battles will take place in the style of turn-based battles with the solution of puzzles. A route of attack so that it starts and ends at certain points. Your companions can not re-use cells which already ran the way, so you need to think through the steps in advance. Of course, pumping heroes, different loot, numerous side quests, meet new actors and a lot more awaits you in Dungeon Link.

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