The Quest Keeper

He lived in the world one hitromudroy gray-haired magician and one day digging in the closet of the University of magic, he found a forgotten someone card. It was described in detail the way to the catacombs and strange postscript. "There's a lot of gold and other useful things that can be sold on the market for the fabulous price, as well as artifacts daruyuschie owner incredible power," something like our old man has translated the inscription. When they reached the said facilities, to his sorrow, he found a huge extent of the labyrinth stuffed with terrible traps of mind. Wanting to be impaled on a stake or a thirst for a free fall into a bottomless abyss had not arisen. But the solution was found quickly - peasants from local villages. If one something happens you can always hire another and so until the result is reached weekdays.
"Well, that's chudnenko" - thought arkhimag moving away from the magical world. "Finally, someone was led, now only remains to wait until the dunce with his staff will not return to the capital with the production."

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