Gun Master 3: Zombie Slayer

The theme of the game is still the same indestructible and unsinkable zombiapokalipsis, but it will be more for decoration and not for the sake of meaning or story line. The creators moved the protagonist of the usual for them static shooting range in a location filled with cadavers, slow and clumsy, but a large number will allow them to drive into the trap of sluggishness fighter and to put on the dinner. Problem gamers is very simple - shoot the moving map of the walking dead and get a prize money. Just a short time periodically appear crates of ammunition. Whether to risk making their way towards them through the crowd, or to retreat to a safe distance - the proportion of heavy choice. After the level invested in the specification and having survived this nightmare, it will be possible to do the improvement of existing trunks for greater mobility or accumulated amount to purchase a brand new, not yet raked firearms to be happy then try it on for stirring.

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