SlimeClimbing offers us a try himself as a brave hero does not protect the world from the threat of the next end of the world, and not even the main villain responsible for the regular cataclysms, and for a small clot of phlegm. The concentrated rage, anger, darkness, horror and a nightmare, and other "ingredients" took quite nice and reasonable substance settled in the deep catacombs beneath the ancient stronghold. Now this creature is to help the Lord of Chaos to escape from the prison at the top of the tower, where he was imprisoned rabid saviors of mankind. The path will not close and very dangerous, even for our character. Traps and obstacles, militants from groups lying in wait in ambush, and many other surprises. Agility, secrecy and complete fearlessness required to complete the task and earn the disposal of the owner.

attention! All files are placed with permission of the authors or applications found in the public domain in the internet, if some of the files violates your rights, please let us know
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