Tinker Island

It was supposed to be normal, or rather the most exciting, vacation aboard a cruise ship. Packed to overflowing, he went to circumnavigate the globe. And everything was fine until the ship was in a terrible storm, which is why it is not only drifted far away from the usual routes and navigation, but also thrown on the submerged rocks near the island is not marked on maps. We have to play for an unnamed character who has assumed the role of leader of a small group of survivors. Ordinary people with popular professions are simply not able to exist in isolation from civilization. Determine their tasks and directing their steps will be to gather the necessary resources, food, water and build a temporary camp. And soon to do the production of weapons, because the locals are very happy to sail to the shores of a hearty dinner. It is necessary to hurry up and come up with an escape plan from here before it's too late.

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