Zombie Overkill 3D

Though events Zombie Overkill 3D and develop in the next century, but find a justice on the raging virus that turns people into bloodthirsty zombies, people could not. The disease quickly turned into a global epidemic with a natural result - the remnants of mankind are not infected with the hard fighting for his life against the advancing hordes of mindless enemy. But the latter begins to show signs of reason and everything is more fiction approach to the issue of withdrawal of fresh meat, yet, inaccessible refuge. The main character is necessary to get to one of these fortified areas, to catch his breath after many days of battle and decide what to do next. The problem is that cadavers are very tenacious "sat down on the tail," and do not give any chance to break away from them. We'll have to give a decisive battle at the end of which it will become clear whether the character is a post-apocalyptic legion or not to join.

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