Winter Fugitives 2: Chronicles

The plot picks up starting September 9, 1955, somewhere in the snowy mountains and forests. Here was situated hard labor, where severe conditions serving his sentence hundreds of prisoners with different life stories and timelines. But they are united by one thing - a thirst for freedom. They wanted to break out of the shackles and escape from these walls, but if the same chance of survival would be minimal. And now, on this day, a group of conspirators led his plan into action. Found the keys to the gratings, a skilled undermining the outer perimeter and a good coordination have taken the first step to escape the extremely successful. People in uniforms were scattered in the surrounding forests and tried to use the resulting odds for one hundred percent. One of the 4 main characters are not lucky and he was one of the last to exit. And now he has to move on the terrain being surrounded by search commands. But the cunning and accurate calculation will help him get around any police officer, and good physical strength to fight back when caught.

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