The Witching Hour

So the deal is, the move is complete, all arranged and laid out. Here it is happiness! But what is it? Who is it? Aaaaaa, well now everything fell into place. And the price of haste and sale. Witching hour !!! The time when witches, demons, witches, and other representatives of the forces of darkness are free from their shackles, and can do what they want. And the traditional fields for this very close to the address of residence of the protagonist. Members of the Sabbath was not excited about a new neighbor, and have already sent a punitive unit to eliminate it. It's time to be on the lam, yet there is minimal possibility. Do it will not be easy - the enemies around, and the whole world has lost color. The only hope - a network of portals, going to find yourself close to civilization. We need to hurry and in any case does not deal with a variety of creatures in its path.

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