Enigma Point & Click Adventure

Action Enigma Point Click Adventure will start in 1943. World War II in full swing, and despite the best efforts of the Allies enemy continues to be very strong, and yet refuses to take the position. Then everything else Polish resistance reports in England, that to them in their arms to the Enigma codebooks 2. Now on whom to get this secret information will depend on the success of many operations. Cut and carry the precious cargo to safety sent experienced saboteur and spy. He had secretly fly to the desired area to jump with a parachute and then proceed to the assignment. But from the outset everything goes awry and he desantiruyut in the dense forests of northern France. Before place still have to get, and the enemy will be very happy to catch our mustachioed Scouting. But wit, intelligence and great talent will help him not only to survive, but with honor to fulfill the mission.

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