Where Shadows Slumber Demo

The main character will be very strange, stooped person with a magic lantern in his hand. The character went on a journey for a very grim world where the shadows live and has an incredible ability to distort reality (and the reality of it?). Its path must lead to something important, the answers to the eternal questions can help him find himself.
The world is broken, destroyed and forgotten by all. In front of him waiting for the abyss, dangling bridges insurmountable distances and have not used the mechanisms. But a unique source of light and shadow of bare children to them are able to return these objects original appearance to the traveler was able to go to the next location.
The demo version limits us in time and quality, but we hope that in the very near future we will be able to fully enjoy the process.

attention! All files are placed with permission of the authors or applications found in the public domain in the internet, if some of the files violates your rights, please let us know
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