Weapon Chicken


Your only task in this game is to advance through three beautiful game worlds inhabited by different kinds of monsters that are clearly showing dovlno their aggression in relation to you. As the passing game will become more: enemies become more, and their technical equipment, will increase. But our hero is not worthy of protection will not: quite often in the game there will be a brief opportunity tekschego modernization of weapons, making it even more powerful. In addition, you can restores the level of health for the levels at some sites have first aid kits.

You can play in two modes: adventure (3 worlds of 9 levels each) and survival (survival). except that at the bottom of the screen is a key move to the leader, a little instruction on how to manage, and migrate to another product developers.

Control of the game by using the two active zones in the bottom of the screen is located on the left joystick manipulation which is responsible for the direction of movement of the character, the right button is located, is responsible for the shooting. In order to simplify management of the battle, in the section with the levels there is a switch for avtopritselivaniya, it is located in the lower left corner.


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  • Posted by: หนุกจิงอา (guest), 2012-02-07 15:01:36

    จาไปโหลดมา play ดูหน่อย (sunday)

  • Posted by: มีอีกไหม (guest), 2012-02-09 15:22:36

    มีอีกไหม  มีอีกไหม  มีอีกไหม มีอีกเกมไหมเทอ ชอบเล่นเกมมาก

    (สำหรับผมคอมบ้านไม่ตํ่ากว่า 10 เกม)

    ถ้ามีเกมอีกแย้วมาแนะนำ   ขอบคุณมาก  สาวกเด็กดี


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