GRAVITY PROJECT will certainly be interesting to those who appreciate the dynamic game with a minimum of control and addictive gameplay. In general, the game can be classified as "begalok", that is, your character will run non-stop, and you have to respond quickly to emerging obstacles to dodge them. You'll go through a lot of levels, which, as expected, will gradually become more complex.
The main advantage of GRAVITY PROJECT is a great 3D-graphics, which has a highly detailed and beautiful study. Also very impressive animation and a lot of effects that make the game dynamic. And despite the fact that the levels in the game look monotonous, you are unlikely to be able to break away from their passage. Well developed and the obstacles that the game is not so little. But the musical score was weak, and in a couple of levels a sister music starts to pall.
Not less quality turned and gameplay, as mentioned above, it has high growth, which should please the majority of players. In the game you will not have even a second to think about it, and eventually your actions should be practiced to automaticity, otherwise you will not be able to play the game entirely. In each level you have to run to the end of the corridor in the allotted time. You can get, will feature two bonus: extra time and pass-through obstacles.
Management fully transferred to the touchscreen, with no buttons, all actions are implemented by the slide on the screen. In particular, it allows you to slide down to make slip, with the hero can easily break the boxes that comes his way. Slide the bottom up will allow you to jump and overcome other obstacles. When the slide left or right changes the gravity that allows the hero to run on walls or even the ceiling.

- High-quality graphics;
- A variety of places and obstacles;
- A realistic character and gravity;
- Generator levels.


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