Chicken Invaders 3


Chicken Invaders 3 - continued very classy igrushki.Vy flew into space to save them from the invasion of chickens - on Zemlyu.Vasha task kill chickens in space so that they do not fall to the ground, with the onset of each of them will be getting more and hope bolshe.Vsya just for you! Fire back birds in open space. They pluck feathers!
For centuries we had grilled, smoked and cooked them, but time has come to pay the bills and an intrusion. Chicken attack our planet. And if you do not want to become a second dish in chicken cafe, you will have to prove not only the right to life, but also the right to eat grilled chicken broth. You bear a global mission to overcome the many chicken attacks and to fight for their potomkov.Smozhete you handle this mission? What will happen with humans in the future? Eating fried chicken or fate itself become part of the chicken dinner.

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