Star Splitter 3D


Star Splitter - explore the limitless expanse of the universe is full of mysteries and dangers, alien reptiles and aggressive enemies. Perform tasks of large corporations and secret organizations. Equip your ship's most modern and lethal weapons. Produce artifacts of extraterrestrial civilizations and have an advantage in space combat. Because you - free mercenaries, experienced the Space Wolves, Rangers universe!
People stuck in its own internal contradictions, were not prepared for the sudden intrusion of strangers. And even in the face of impending danger failed to unite against a common enemy. As a result, the first looked into the abyss voluntary mercenaries, space rangers, who defied death ...
Discover the wonderful world of space adventure and Star Wars. Enjoy spectacular views of the ecumenical landscape. Nebulae and galaxies, asteroids and planets, and even black holes - are waiting for you, touch the icy beauty of the cosmos. Become a hero of the hot battles in a bottomless void. Show the worth of free citizens of the universe. Win in battle and win awards. Build your dream boat and tear in the depths of space. On and on ... What lies ahead?
Mission Impossible?
Dozens of different types of jobs from a variety of customers. Obtain weapons and artifacts, destroy enemies, making space by asteroids, protect merchant ships. You will find more than 60 dangerous missions and assignments. Remember that orders from one another can spoil the mood - be diplomatic and to build up the right strategy in tasks.
More than 80 types of additional equipment and weapons for your ship, additional armor and droids satellites capable to defend you and attack the enemy. Laser guns, deadly missiles and even a super-weapon that can distort and even destroy the space around you ... Be careful, the universe is not forgiving ...




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  • Posted by: Ksenia (guest), 2012-10-16 15:18:00
    Игра предназначена исключительно на ARMv7! И доступна на Google Play:

  • Posted by: salut (guest), 2012-11-09 16:12:02

    commmment on installe les fichier sur htc


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    я поиграл хрень полная

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