Blue Skies Helicopter Shooter


Blue Skies Helicopter Shooter - unpretentious, but very interesting arcade with a view "from the top." Become a dominant force in the sky. Control the helicopter gunships, smite enemies and destroy the plans of villains to seize your home country! Take part in air battles and defeat the enemies in the air, on land and at sea.
You - a young student of the Air Force Academy. In one of the usual days of training, you will learn that your country was attacked. You volunteered to go to the first row, defending their territory against the enemy. Use the entire arsenal and the priority of your combat helicopter, fight the enemy on land, at sea and in the air, to destroy all the targets on the level and get back to the base before you run out of fuel in the tanks. Prove your supremacy in the skies.
Control the helicopter to be using the accelerometer, and responds to your actions car is very obedient. You will have two weapons for ground targets and for air, you can use it by pressing the left and right side of the screen, respectively, and only purpose for which it is possible to direct you will abound, you will confront the enemy planes, helicopters, tanks and even airships.
From fallen enemies will drop bonus: fuel, health or money. If you play weapon not enough, you can buy better, but for real money.
The graphics in this game is simple and at the same quality, of course neither of which a detailed drawing of the question, it's very modest, but this is the charm.
* 30 combat missions that you have to perform.
* The random cards - great variety of games.
* 3 difficulty levels for players of all skill levels.
* Various bonus points and money that drop from enemies and help you improve your helicopter.
* 10 types of weapons: machine guns, lasers, missiles, etc. - Them Again!



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    Me ajuda naum sei kmu baixar...afff

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