Iron Jack


Iron Jack - you will find a small space adventure in which you must help pilot the shuttle to collect interstellar lost weight and get back to his planet.
Events in the game so that one spacecraft, the eyeballs loaded special fuel which is expected in the world of the Iron Jack falls through a portal to an unknown alien planet. During the crash of a small Jack loses consciousness and when wakes up, finds the luggage compartment of his ship completely empty.
Jack is now in front of two tasks: to collect valuable fuel and return to his planet. But no such luck. It turns out Jack gets on the planet inhabited by robots, and for them the stolen fuel - the same as that for people air.
In general, it is clear that Jack will not only search for and collection of fuel, but a lot of effort and attachment to seed oil found in robots. In the Iron Jack you have to explore every corner and be prepared for a meeting with the robots, ready to fight for the last drop of fuel oil in their veins.
You'll navigate a strange planet and on foot, and on the "air", thanks jetpacks. Besides the robot is to be feared and different designs that are so rusted that kept on parole at any time and can crush Jack.
The game is great sound and music. "Do not let us down" and graphics. It will be able to please the user as much as possible to allow the smartphone.

- 132 levels in four sectors.
- Excellent graphics.
- 8 bonuses.
- Impressive sound effects and music.
- Achievements.


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