Blind Ninja: Sing


Blind Ninja: Sing - addictive arcade game that combines not only an excellent combat mechanics of the game, but also the need for dynamic movements, standing jumps, tricks. Follow the beautiful and deadly combos, become a shadow, doing pirouettes on the roofs, bridges, etc. Blind Ninja: Sing - it's a great game for fans of dynamic gameplay.
You will play a ninja, skillfully wield the sword and perform breathtaking stunts. Become stronger, faster and smarter enemies, whom you meet on the road a lot. Generate new combo techniques, use the special skills that you can learn as you progress through the game. Use mannequins to hone your skills before you go in a real fight!

- A dynamic, constantly evolving gameplay.
- Generate a set of combo attacks, special skills and techniques.
- Training mode, which will allow you to better master the game.
- The main advantage of the game - easy mastering the game mechanics, but, nevertheless, the game is far from simple, and will not let go of your interest to the end!
- A beautiful and unique at each level background.


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