A little background. The game takes place in the real world, which is no different from our own. At one point, of nowhere in the whole world there is an infinite number of zombies. It is unclear why, but their main objective - is the destruction of all humankind and the seizure of all the buildings. Obviously, the people of the world do not like it, and they decide to confront a zombie. In the game you rebuild just did gather all the people who have survived, and begin to fight the zombies.
You will have to fight zombies, build their buildings, collect resources, improve the building and create soldiers.
There are some interesting points. For example, you in confrontation with zombies can interfere not only dead, but also other objects. This gang, whose goals are the same as yours. This mass diseases your citizens. That thieves, who will always want you to steal. And it's riots, which can raise your people.
The application includes five difficulty levels. So you can customize the game as for themselves, on the one hand it was interesting to play, and the other - the game was passable.
Finally, we note that the application is not in the story line. The game may end seven different outcomes: everything depends on you, what will happen in the end.


- A unique turn-based strategy game.
- Randomly generated city.
- Customizable characters.
- 5 levels of difficulty
- 7 alternative endings.


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