Chicken Invaders 4


Chicken Invaders 4 - on the vast expanse of the universe is unfolding tremendous battle with huge Kuromatkoy, which threatens to attack our planet and turn it into a giant omelette. In its arsenal - the deadly chickens bomber, pakostlivye chickens, flying eggs and evil monsters that may at one time to put an end to all efforts to save the world.
Three previous invasion was successfully repulsed and that's crazy and evil chickens and turkeys again develop a plan to invade and enslave the people.
Once again, we will destroy the chicken breasts, turning them on the grill. The developers decided to surprise us here Pimp bosses and additional special effects. Manageability is more favorable + some new weapon.

Chicken Invaders 4 Final Boss + Medals

Chicken Invaders 4 Easter All Bosses (Final Boss) + ENDING


click on the "Unlock Now!"in the main menu, then press another button associated with the purchase.In this kryaknetsya.


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  • Posted by: Гость (guest), 2013-05-26 16:08:53
    А ето полная версия?

  • Posted by: nnn (guest), 2013-07-24 20:48:02
    Pina mina minaaaaaa heheheh puncit szeretem...  

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