Major Mayhem


Rules of engagement, moreover, successfully and with minimal losses, the famous military not by hearsay. Tactics, strategy, ruse - the terms used are not for effect. Covert infiltration behind enemy lines, incremental destruction - the only possible way for an individual. However, when in your hands not only the fate of any there faceless humanity, but a loved one, in particular, dear lady, to be replaced by a sense of reason. Rage, dynamics, plenty of weapons and variety of enemies - all this awaits the player in the game Major Mayhem.

The guys from the [adult swim] games before famous enough crazy projects, preferring any sound logic unicorn galloping across the sky or epileptic colors and dynamic music in Monsters Ate My Condo. Now the developers have decided to switch to the humanoids and assist in the implementation of a heroic rescue mission.
The plot is based on the fact that the evil terrorists, whose existence and so threatens the "world peace", captured the heart of a lady. And if the first it was still possible to forgive, then go to the individual Major endure longer able. Now the player will have to send a steady hand for the accomplishment of the military justice system. Except rage and heroic dimensions, Mayhew will have at its disposal an arsenal of weapons and equipment, including more than two dozen titles, which also include shotguns, rifles and laser guns, leaving in place only the enemies of the charred embers.
Travel seasoned military will be held in three colorful scenery: amid the jungle and the desert metropolis. It should be noted that all levels (there are nearly fifty) are very colorful and detailed. Moreover, the passage does not look the greatest number of aimless shooting enemies, the game is filled with mini-jobs, for the performance of which the characters are waiting for commensurate rewards. It should also be noted and convenient operation, which greatly simplifies the task.
Major Mayhem is filled with dynamic combat, where every wrong move can cost you life or civilians. Destroy enemies, collect weapons, enjoy the excellent soundtrack, to increase reach and save the world. For the hundredth time.

Version: 1.0.1

Version: 1.0.0

Version: 1.0.0


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