Rail Rush


Rail Rush - play like a game «Temple Run». The developers propose to you on a trolley zip breakneck speed along the winding tracks somewhere deep in the earth and in the process to try to collect as many gold nuggets.
Management in Rail Rush realized quite simply. Svaypami up or down the screen, you will make the main character jump or crouch, and when using the side svaypov Trolley will "jump" between the tracks.
Main game currency will be gold nuggets that you find along the way. At the end of the next "-in" on them, you can buy a variety of improvements, the characters and bonuses.


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  • Posted by: артём (guest), 2013-01-14 16:52:14
    крутая игра я с этого сайта скачал всё пошло

  • Posted by: я (guest), 2013-01-16 15:03:17

    как скачать напишите плиз 


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    над названием игры посмотри 3 слева

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    u menia android galaxy y 5360!!  za4em mne ne podderzhivaets9

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    мой самсунг s5360 не тянет 

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