Soldiers of Glory: Modern War


For fans of the genre of Tower Defense game Soldiers of Glory: Modern War is compelling. Company Cat Studio has once again failed to please quality implementation of the classical genre, with gameplay adding a nice feature. Unfortunately, there is no plot in the game, although this the gameplay did not suffer. It can be assumed that the events of the game takes place in the modern world, as confirmed by various military equipment. In particular, you will see the armored jeeps, armored personnel carriers, tanks, helicopters, fighter jets and other military units.
For your enjoyment in the game are more than 100 different missions that unfold in different areas, from the forest to the usual ruined cities. In general, graphic design done at a high level, however, there are some shortcomings in the area and drawing detail. But opponents and drawing towers failed to please, all done perfectly with excellent detail and well thought out animation. To create the dynamics of the game has a variety of effects, such as explosions, plumes from rockets, sparks from bullets and more.
Following the canons of the genre, you have to build up their defenses with defensive towers, with a well thought out happy balance. You will have 9 unique towers, with their own strengths and weaknesses. Increase their firepower can be achieved by improving the towers during the game, which can take the money you will get for destroying enemy vehicles. As we mentioned above, the gameplay has received some additions. For example, the enemies have the ability to change their way of movement depending on the location of your towers that will make you more efficiently use the resources allocated. In addition, the enemies themselves can cause damage to your towers, so you should think through major consolidation and time to carry out repairs.
Playing Soldiers of Glory: Modern War performed just fine: taking the best of the genre, the developers were able to make the best of an exciting and challenging game with quality graphics and addictive gameplay. Fans of the genre will like the game, it will delight for many hours or even days.

- Battle Mode! Enemies can attack your tower in battle mode, which makes the game more challenging and fun!
- 2 defensive mode, normal mode and endless.
- 3 difficulty levels.
- 3 different special skills: Space Laser, EMP bombs and B2-bomber.
- 9 different types of towers includes Gatling gun, Tesla coil, anti-aircraft guns, EMP generator
- 100 well-designed cards that allow you to enjoy the game for a few months!
- The true origin of the weapons of modern warfare and has some sci-fi elements.
- Awesome particle effects, high-resolution images and realistic sound effects
- RPG-like upgrade system to upgrade your units.
- 27 different medals waitng for you to unlock!
- Get random items sometimes when destroy enemies.
- War of rank.
- Widget Game Launcher, which also shows your rank and medals you have.


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