Great Big War Game v1.2.3


Are you ready for a new battle? You already itching to deal with the enemy? Then do not waste your time and install the game Great Big War Game, which is a continuation of Great Little War Game. Developers decided not to reinvent the wheel and run the game in the established tradition.
Look forward to exciting single player campaign consisting of 50 missions, each of which will require a lot of strength to go through, because you will have to fight with a clever and dangerous rival. Overall, the gameplay has not undergone global change on the one hand this is good, but of course, I wanted to get more innovation. However, the developers did not give up the sparkling humor, who will accompany you and cheer during the game.
But the graphics in the game has undergone pleasant metamorphosis, with the developers kept the familiar design of the levels and patterns. The game received high-quality three-dimensional graphics with excellent plotting and detail. Especially pleased with the texture: Now water, earth, grass and other surfaces drawn just fine and, in addition, were also animation.
As for the models of soldiers, they also performed better quality, have a detailed drawing, animation, and still retain their appearance. Of course, the developers have not forgotten about the effects that now look even more impressive. Finally, musical arrangement, which again received excellent implementation.
As we noted above, the gameplay Great Big War Game has not undergone any global changes, but it still appeared nice additions. The first building has changed levels, they become more and more interesting, in addition to this there are new terrain elements that affect the gameplay.
Battles still take place step by step, that is, during your turn you can move his men to the level of cells and perform the attack, after which you'll have to pass the course of his opponent, who also produce regroup and be able to attack you. Of the innovations include several new units, revised military base and several new buildings.
In campaign mode you have to win the 50 missions, and each has all the subsequent higher level of sophistication. Interestingly, the enemies have have enough good intelligence and you have to make every effort to win. But even after you pass all of the missions, the game loses interest for you, because you can always run a multiplayer mode and compete with other players from around the world.  


- Fifty missions in the single player campaign
- Online Battle
- Achievements to unlock
- Stunning visual effects
- Simple, intuitive control method
- A lot of humor




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