GLWG: All Out War v.1.3


GLWG: All Out War - it really is a quality strategy, which does not spoil the gameplay is a step by step, but rather even decorate. Beautiful graphics, lots of effects, great sound and musical arrangement - this is not a complete list of all the advantages of the game. The game is very addictive, and only one mission can steal from you a couple of hours, you will not even notice!

You - the general army, which is to defend against the constant attacks from the air and from the ground. This game has a huge role played terrain card, as in their view, you can use the hill to hide from the enemy and catch him off guard. Build tanks, create its qualitative military, and your enemy is sure to be defeated. After all you are here for this come from?

The main features of the game:
Captivating Campaign
Four levels of difficulty
Excellent graphics
Intuitive operation
A large variety of units
Many types of terrain: desert, jungle, arctic ice and other
Humorous style


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