Snappy Dragons 2


Snappy Dragons 2 - is a fun arcade game that in the first few seconds to remind you of a game like Worms. Your task will be to rescue Little Dragon, trapped in a cage by evil wizards. Since this is the oldest mythical creatures in their arsenal will not appear anything but fire. With it, you'll have to destroy the homes of black magicians, to destroy its inhabitants and release offspring.
In the role of adult dragons liberators five members of the family will be the fire-breathing, and each of them will have special properties. For example, the red dragon has a limited number of fire charges, but is not limited in time. Therefore, in those levels where the main character is he, it is important to aim well and no matter how long it will take. Yellow Dragon can spew out of themselves fireballs like a machine gun, but at those levels where it will be used, you will be limited by time. Green dragon spewing flames once, but you drive it to the point of destruction with your finger.
To go to the next level you need to destroy all the witches and save at least one son. Of course, it is better if you can release all the children, at least for that you get more game points. That's just come out immediately release all will not always. The fact is that getting a plasmoid in the cage with dragon destroys her and lets out a little loose, but in case you find yourself in charge of a fiery dragon defenseless, he is killed, along with an evil sorcerer.
Aiming at the enemy to some extent resembles the same process as in Angry Birds Space. It is also seen the trajectory of the projectile, but move your finger across the screen opposite. That is, you do not pull the string, but how would pull out of the mouth of the dragon next ball of fire. During the firing should be aware that not all can be destroyed by fire. This is especially true of floating barriers that seem to have found the kidnappers of children. In such cases you will have to wait for the right moment and time to run the shell.
In graphic terms the game is made more than worthy, and all the gameplay is accompanied by soft music.


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