Funky Smugglers v.1.05


Funky Smugglers - you are encouraged to try himself as a customs officer at the airport. What kind of work can be more interesting than the view of passengers through the scanner, looking for their illicit goods.
Your task in the game will keep track of all banned the import of goods, it is not only conventional weapons, drugs and currency, but the plunger, saw, scissors, spiders and many different fun and not objects, seeing that through the scanner, you will need to be retired .
To pick up the prohibited items, simply drag it over the edge of the scanner, but be aware that some items are green and taking them from a passenger you lose a life, which all three. Collecting a few items at a time you'll create combos for which accrued significantly more points.
The game was well designed in the style of the 70's, and the corresponding sound. In addition to its small game tasks you will be asked to take part in the competition with other players, divided into two teams: Apple and Android, so you will have the opportunity to stand up for the honor of your favorite mobile platform.
Funky Smugglers - fun and unusual game that can become your favorite time-killer.

Especially the "Cool smugglers":
• X-ray scanner with which you can see what you are hiding from smugglers
• Original scale team battles and exciting missions for single player
• Spirit of the 70's, created coolest soundtracks
• Outwit cunning smugglers, confiscating contraband them - you can collect a lot of items in wire or multiple simultaneous touches, creating multikombo
• Collect power-ups to increase the power of its X-ray scanner
• Quality design from the developer-owner of the prestigious awards
• Video Graphics optimized for the most powerful Android devices

Version 1.05:


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