Nightmarium (Koshmarium)


Nightmarium (Koshmarium) - dark room, rustling under the bed creaking floorboards, fleeting shadows outside the window ... Monsters of nightmares are coming! One has only to close his eyes, and they break into a dream ...
Only you can help the defenseless sleeping girl escape from this nightmare! You will come face to face with a chilling creatures and shoot a scary place by subtle imagination. Spend a little girl in all the rooms of terror, destroying the monsters who crave lighthearted disturb children's sleep.
World Nightmarium (Koshmariuma) all is not as it seems at first sight ... usually in the real world, things may turn out to be priceless artifacts. These artifacts will help fight monsters.
What is waiting for you in the vast Nightmarium (Koshmariuma) - you can only guess.
Unite with friends and share their achievements and secrets that you will open in the dark recesses of dreams.

In the meantime, know that you will receive:
* 6 insanely nightmarish locations, including bonus location;
* 10 terrifying monsters nightmares;
* Special items to help in the fight against nightmares;
* 20 different achievements, of which 7 with secret conditions;
* October 30, exactly at Halloween, the world Koshmariuma become even more!
And the most important thing. In no case did not go to sleep, leaving the special ward in the way of nightmares! Simple phrase protects your sleep: "I believe Koshmarium - is not earnest, it's just a game." You can write it on the bed or in his own page on Facebook, or by placing an assessment application - it does not matter!
Write it and you will sleep until Halloween ...
Of course, if you can not sleep at all ...

Version 1.0.1:


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