The CATch!


The CATch! - Give sweet and well-fed cat avoid punishment from her mistress. According to a little background, our hero because of its big appetite could not resist trying to pull off the table tasty sausages, thus causing the anger seems to be a sweet old lady. Without thinking cat rushes to the window, but would not get on the nape. On the way, except for enemies you will encounter obstacles such as power lines, roofs, holes, ledges, and other amenities, so you'll have to dodge, slide, jump, dive, while not forgetting that your pursuers are not asleep. As a result, he had to make a swift jog cross urban areas, overcoming different obstacles and avoiding contact with the set of troubles.
The game will require you to a good response and agility, because our cat will quickly rush to complex route, consisting of endless twists, precipices, obstacles steam. In addition, any delay could be fatal for you, because after you chase the hungry crows, not disdain breakfast plump cat. Also do not forget about the angry mistress, and then she will be appearing on your way to lather neck cat.
During your race you will not only skillfully maneuver through the intricate track, but also collect cat food in the form of fish, as our hero used to tightly to eat, and even more so in a surprise run. Birds look more appetizing, however, they will catch a lot more complicated, but they satisfy your hunger better, well and to top it off from time to time you will encounter a bottle of milk. No bonuses we also have left, and they are fairly typical: the magnet to collect goodies, a helmet for protection, to speed up the condensed milk and so on. After each attempt, you can drop by the store and improve the bonus, which will have to spend the collected goodies.
Thinking over the management, the developers apparently decided not much strain and use the already-proven scheme. To change the direction of running an accelerometer as it is useful to run through a small tube, maintaining balance with it. Sharp turns, jumps, slides are done by the same slide on the screen. For example, to jump, you simply slide your finger from the bottom up, but of course, it must be done in time to fit into an obstacle. By the way, the game is a clash not always lead to defeat if you have a good lead over the crows, you can bump and just continue on your way, but if you make a few mistakes in a row, the Ravens still grab you. And, of course, the fall from the platform or inaccurate jump immediately lead to the loss.

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    Как скачять игру?

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    класс вообще!!Доволен!!☻☺

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