Zombie Wonderland 2 v.1.4


Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time - great arcade fun from Xoobis and publisher Chillingo. You will play a character named Chuck, whose life is not very good ... Then he needs to defend the small house, which come dozens of different zombies, the last refuge of collapsing in front of you and behind its walls, not slowly drags a horde of zombies. To survive it is necessary not only to kill the living dead, but also learn to repair their "fortress" because it does not stand for a long time under the blows of the undead, and the attack more than three zombyakov without protection of the high walls, our hero, is likely to see the last of his life.
And now it is waiting for time travel, and the fierce Chuck will save humanity not only of today and of the evil zombies, but from assorted mummies of pharaohs, dead geisha and other vermin!

- Big enough improvised arsenal against enemies
- More than 31 different missions and 25 species of the dead
- For all damage caused to the house you have to pay
- So do not let the zombies and the chance to come right up to the walls!
- Some not-dead can destroy three windows per hit!
- Qualitatively selected tracks complement the post apocalyptic atmosphere.

Version 1.4:




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