osu! droid v.1.5.7


osu! droid - here is unlucky name has this casual game made ​​by an Australian girl. But casual - does not mean that it's light! The main feature of the game is the presence of an advanced online ranking players, good multiplayer, and most importantly - an incredibly huge amount of music (over 20,000 cards of different levels of difficulty, more than 5,000 songs). Since OSU! is primarily a multiplayer game, I advise you not only download the game and register yourself an account on the official website - osu.ppy.sh. Game client is downloaded without the music, only small training card is, so download everything separately in Beatmaps.

To add maps to their first install on your computer using a conventional Osu! and then throw the phone on the way: Osu / Songs.

Version 1.5.7:

Not a lot of cards and music:


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