Crazy Bikers 2 v.1.1


Game Crazy Bikers 2 will allow you to drive a bike in extreme road and cyclists in this unusual race will be a mummy, Eskimos and other strange personality. You can choose yourself any driver, and then make every effort to overtake all rivals. Perform a variety of tricks during the race, it will allow you to earn money and bonuses. The essence of the gameplay boils down to participate in races and mini-performance tasks. In this game world, though, and beautifully designed, not really change during the races, so that over time, landscape boring. At the same time, it should be noted that the physics worked on otlichno.Za execution of games, tricks and win the race you will receive money. By the way, the money you will be sorely missed, as they need to open each and every level of the new hero. As a result, you will have some time or pass the same check-in or pour real money.

Universal game for all devices.
High performance physics engine.
Riders with different characteristics.
Six amazing worlds with six tracks each.
12 crazy drivers and their bikes.
Night mode, for driving at night.
Weather effects such as snow, rain, etc..
Turbo acceleration.
Original soundtrack.
Simple game mechanics.
Control Mode: Tilt / Classic.
And much, much more!

Version 1.1:


CASH way: Sdcard / android / data



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    куда хотите там потом нажмёте на это и всё

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