EXPENDABLE REARMED - addictive arcade shooter game for android devices. The plot is quite simple - to survive at all costs and destroy all enemies. Mankind has mastered space and the once empty planet way in the universe. People thought they were the only ones in a huge space, but they were wrong, and the war began. Your task is to control an army of clones and lead them in the fight against the evil bio-mechanical alien race in the hottest point! Get to the lair of the enemy, destroy the enemy! Great graphics, great visual effects, high definition video, which especially will appreciate the owners Tegra devices.
2463 AD
500 years of dark and barren worlds, lost in deep space, humanity has expanded its borders. The most suitable planet and moon around the earth have changed and what was once an inhospitable wasteland turned into habitable areas.
Humanity penetrated deeper and deeper into the maze of the universe, until there was only a handful of people able to survive such a journey. These distant worlds have become industrial centers, colonized by small groups of human beings. Even though people had to abandon the usual benefits, they still managed to give birth to life again - cultivated lands.
The man was sure he was alone in the infinity of space, until they came ...
You control an army of clones, consumable items, ready to fulfill your orders and armed for the battle for the last human settlement captured G'nengami - evil biomechanical aliens.
You start the game on your home turf subjected invasion, and continue traveling through the galaxy, stopping in the colonies, for a long time occupied by the enemy, as long as you come to the world from which the enemy came.

* If it moves shoot it ... *
G'nengov attack and kill them all. Deadly battle against implacable aliens!
* If it is not moving ... Blow it up *
Almost anything can be blown up. Huge, detailed world, can be destroyed. Magnificent performance effects of destruction, never brought such pleasure.
You would not believe what your phone or tablet is capable of that.
Tired of waiting until the download is complete between the levels? EXPENDABLE REARMED uses our unique streaming technology, you no longer have to wait for the download.
Many weapons, including flamethrowers, mini-Ghana, fantasy-balls, alien weapons, SpiraCannons, thermal homing missiles and mighty Railgun, all with five levels of improvements. And grenades ... including nuclear grenades insane destructive power.
Original sound effects and music
* Special Effects THD - rendering effects for Tegra 3 *
Several new effects are configured for TEGRA
Has a good reputation with the new NEXUS
Compatible and works well with all popular chipsets
Tegra3, Snapdragon, Adreno, Mali and SGX.

Version 1.1.3:


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    muy bueno anda genial en mi samsung galaxy y. Una gran pagina

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