Anomaly Korea v.1.0


Anomaly Korea - an exciting portable strategy is back! New Campaign in Korea! Creators of the game Anomaly Warzone Earth, award-winning Apple Design Award, return with the next game like Tower Offense new generation - Anomaly Korea. Brutal battles, exciting stories, tactical map to maneuver, new units, new power players and even more frantic racing - it all together: the new battleground against the advancing hordes of the enemy and the new building of tower defense!
Several months have passed since then, when the people have declared victory in the battle for Tokyo, and expelled the invaders from Earth ... at Me, because it seemed to us then. Enemy robots have decided to take revenge for the defeat, and led a massive attack on an army of people on the Korean peninsula. It is here that you are getting into the act, Commander. Take over control of the task force, lead your squad armor by devastating enemy towers, carefully plan the tactics of their actions and use special weapons and special abilities to change the course of the battle in this strategy game genre.

- The combination of strategy and action in the formula Tower Offense
- An example of the most impressive graphics in the format of games for mobile phones
- A fascinating story that reveals the secrets of extraterrestrial invaders
- New game ideas, refreshing formula Anomaly even more exciting format Tower Offense
- A new combat unit, the new tower and new skill
- Optimized for high-performance devices based on Android

Version 1.0:


Path cache:sdcard / Android / obb


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  • Posted by: leryas (guest), 2012-12-25 20:58:06
    зачем нужен кеш , если и так после установки АПК игра сама его качает ?

  • Posted by: Для leryas (guest), 2012-12-26 19:06:46
    Не у всех есть возможность скачать с мобильного

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