Stickman Cliff Diving v.2.3


Stickman Cliff Diving - Stickman Challenge yourself in diving, unique gameplay, lots of levels, real physical properties, bonuses. Your task will be to do the job, give you before the jump, the jobs will be different and will include several items, for example, how many times to kuvyrknutsya in the air to score points or enter the water at a specified angle. Evaluate your jump will be five judges and three attempts if you can not fulfill all the requirements have to start passing over.
Waiting for you all the same hand-drawn style is characteristic of this series of games. Manage schematically drawn little man to be with two buttons, one of them is responsible for the jump, and the other for rotation in the air.
In addition to diving in a position to hand down strictly watched, and feet - on up, that is, the jump has to be perfectly smooth. For such a dive give more points than for the same slant.

Jump from the highest and most dangerous places on earth!
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Jump! Combine different styles and get a jump on the evaluation of five judges. Follow the handicap, to qualify for the next jump.

• Rocks to 125 meters
• Unique gameplay
• Different types of jumps
• There is a possibility to continue the last game
• Bonus points for good jumping
• Smooth animation Stickman'a
• Education

Version 2.3:


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