PITFALL! v.1.2.323.3740


PITFALL! - It's a great runner. The main character wanted thrills. And he definitely will get them. After all, he is a dangerous road to be falling through bridges, tunnels, canyons and jungles, caves, trails, ancient settlements and other areas. And while it will collect gold and artifacts. And of course, the danger in the form of snakes, crocodiles, scorpions and other residents of the locations.
The protagonist Harry Pitfol. Our task is to help him collect as many treasures, but not so simple. On the way we will meet and interfere with various obstacles: Opens, landslides, trees, logs, tunnels. They overcome jumps or subcategory. Also, can not get along without meeting with the living enemies: scorpions, snakes and crocodiles. Fortunately, they are afraid of our whip.
Control of the game is simple: svaypy - it jumps and turns, tap - lash, tilting the device left and right - shift while running. The graphics on the fan, one will like it, others do not. In my opinion, to play such a plan at the time.
Treasures - platinum bars, not just the number of records in the table, is the currency for which to purchase various items. For example, extra lives or the beginning of the game from the last checkpoint (each continuation game, and not to launch a new, comes at a price.) Also, with the bars can pump our character or dress up it.

ARMv7 version 1.2.323.3740:

1.2.h ARMv6 version:

Minimum system requirements:
CPU - 800 MHz (or acceleration to at least ~ 720-750)
RAM - 150-180 from memory
Installed and after saying
Your device is below the minimum requirements.it can cause performance problems?
I had to wait about 3 minutes of that game would boot up menu

(Then the game at the next start loading instantly)
requires connection to the Internet, but it seems that you can skip


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