Abduction! World Attack v.1.2.8


Abduction!World Attack - your friends have been abducted by aliens to save them, you have to get to the plate aliens, jumping from platform to platform and collect various bonuses. Control is just tilting the device, so the presence of the accelerometer is imperative.
In this game we are going to manage the cow to jump on the platform above, with G-Sensor'a :) familiar? I like Doodle Jump (even the theme of aliens there and there and there). Therefore, in my review I often compare these two games.
Propose to run through menus, which appear after the launch of the game and demonstration video where bad UFO abducting our friends the cows :)

At this point, we choose different modes of play. Adventure - adventure. In turn pass the levels. Yes, yes, to the levels. Unlike Doodle Jump, where there is only one "infinite" level in Abduction! developers have done a lot of levels.

They differ in appearance (the wood, the north pole, the jungle, the moon), and naturally become more difficult each time. I liked the implementation bekgraunda change in the game. First, at the bottom we jump on the platforms in the forest, then rise above the forest and see the sun (left screenshot), then enter the upper atmosphere (at the location of the North Pole appeared "Northern Lights") and finally get to a flying saucer. All level is passed :) You can skip to the next.

Another mode Challenge - sovernovanie. Within six different competitions:
1. Time Trial - to pass the level for a specified period of time (right screenshot)
2. Score Attack - need to collect as many points (points are accumulated catch falling bonuses)
3. Friend Rescue - gather your friends that drop instead of bonuses
4. Mayhem - jump up, but now instead of bonuses and friends bombs fall, from which it is necessary to dodge
5. CPU Race - appears another cow (with AI) and you jump with her race
6. Moon Missions - missions to the moon as usual

As the name implies fast game. Tapa the level of difficulty (complexity lot - Kids, Easy, Medium, Hard, Infinite, Evil Infinite) and the game starts. After the fall we offer to enter the name to save the results. Local Score - Saves points locally on the phone, Post to Internet - online high scores (that's what's missing Doodle Jump'u now need to upload screenshots to face off you know what)

Take a look at the settings.
1. Vibration - on off
2. Sound - on off
3. Sensiviti - slider
4. Detail of graphics - slider
5. Calibration

Instruction in English.
Personal impressions are very good. The graphics and gameplay on the level. What else is needed for a good game?

Version 1.2.8:
Version 1.2.7 (Full):

attention! All files are placed with permission of the authors or applications found in the public domain in the internet, if some of the files violates your rights, please let us know
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