Train Conductor 2: USA v.1.4


Train Conductor 2: USA - amaze everyone with its simplicity and originality. You will need to take control of railway locomotives, who travel in almost all U.S. states. You have to verify the ability to make quick decisions. This will help your trains avoid collisions. In the game you will visit New York, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Miami Beach, Seattle, Chicago, Nashville and many other popular cities. It's like a game, which includes just eight games. After all, it is not only necessary to send the locomotives, but also much more. The direction of the train gives the player a simple flick of a finger. To find out where to get the train, you need to look at the numbers next to the engine and to pave his way to the gate. Intuitive operation no trouble you when you understand the game.
Puzzle you develop quick thinking. Perhaps, this skill is useful to you in your future career. And if you really have a very quick response, then you have no interest in this game will not, because for you it will be too easy.
With this game you can test the speed of their reactions, and possibly train her. The response - a very useful feature in my life.
Wonderful cartoon graphics pleasing to the eye, different sets of locations make it diverse. Dynamic music fits the game, gave the movement speed.
Game genre can be defined as "arcade with puzzle elements." Control of the game is very simple and convenient. Locations there are many, with each has its own characteristics, which can help or hinder the player.

01/04 Version:


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