MegaCity v.1.63


You will again be engaged in urban development, this time in the game MegaCity. But for urban simulation game has nothing to do, but rather it can be attributed to a game logic where you have to think and calculate the consequences of their actions.
Starting the game, you will see the playing field, divided into many squares, which are to be filled by various buildings, among which are homes, schools, parks, hospitals, factories, landfills ... all you can find in any major city. Many buildings will have an impact on the surrounding area and this influence can be positive or negative, that will change the desirability of these areas for settlement.
Above each vertical column sections you will see a number, signifying what the amount should dial desirability plots on the line, when the required amount will be recruited, the line disappears and the picture moves on the principle of Tetris. Particular attention should be paid to the leftmost column, because if you can not remove it, it will not disappear, and others.
MegaCity fairly complex game, which is rated at all.

The set of different buildings with the ability to open 10 new!
-Test mode, which includes 6 levels
-Scores Online
-Achievement System
-The soundtrack from George Gershwin

Version 1.63:


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