Draw Something v.1.1111.104


Draw Something - Your task is to select one of three words and draw a picture on it. The other player has to guess the word. Then you move - he paints, and you try to guess his drawing. Sounds simple, but in fact it is very exciting.
Game set is very easy and simple, you are given three options for communicating with friends: the possibility to enter via Facebook, email or username Draw Something. If you can not find your friends, it is always possible to choose a random user, for this you need to select a random game in the game menu. There are several versions of the game: multiplayer, the game at any time and erudite.
Playing the game is intuitive and easy to understand. At the beginning of each level you get three words to choose from - easy, medium and difficult. If your choice was a difficult word, it would be difficult to draw, but you get more coins if your partner will guess it correctly, and vice versa of course. For the money earned, you can buy more crayons for drawing, and a bomb that will explode and delete unwanted pictures from your board.
At the end of the drawing will be notified of your friend, and he will be looking to repeat the whole process of drawing in real time. Then he will receive a letter which will contain a set of letters, of which he has to choose the right, that is, those who represent you see on the board.
In each round, you can get access to the statistics page to see the current ratings and game statistics with a certain player. You can also check how many coins you earned in games with this player, average speed rendering, and who has won more coins.

Version 1.1111.104:


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